National Exit Strategy Advice & Response Team for the Hospitality and Entertainment Industry




“Safe & Successful”

NEXSTART is the National Exit Strategy Advice and Response Team for the licensed hospitality and entertainment industries. NEXSTART is a coalition of experts working together on a comprehensive national strategy for our industries safely and successfully to exit lockdown and restart their businesses. The NEXSTART strategy balances the needs of the public, business and enforcement authorities.


Night Time Industries Association
Institute of Licensing
Institute of Acoustics
British Institute of Innkeeping
Pub is the Hub
British Beer and Pub Association
Association of Conservative Clubs
Committee of Registered Clubs Associations (CORCA)
Featured Artists Coalition

National Police Chiefs Council
Local Government Association
Music Venue Trust
Society of Independent Brewers
National Outdoor Events Association
Association of Independent Festivals
National Association of Licensing Enforcement Officers ( NALEO)
The Tourism Alliance
Greater London Authority
London Councils
Gambling Business Group

BEIS Expert Licensing Group
Culture Central West Midlands
Manchester Night Time Economy Adviser
Best Bar None
Production Services Association
Association of Leading Visitor Attractions
Visit England /Visit Britain
Safer Business Network ( Business Crime Reduction Partnership)
Association of Town & City Management


Group A


Regulation; Compliance; Licensing Conditions, Policing; Enforcement; Public Order

The Regulation Group will contribute to strategies for controlling public order and safety issues and the regulation of licensed premises on release from lockdown.


Group B/C

Protocols and Guidelines; Operational Challenges; Trade Pressures & Constraints; Support for Businesses (Government and Other); Relationship with Regulation

The Group will collaborate on emerging sector Protocols and analyse the issues arising.


Group D

Music & Culture

The Music & Culture Group will analyse the particular challenges in re-opening music and culture sectors safely and successfully.


Group E

Festival & Outdoor Events 

The Festivals & Outdoor Events Group will analyse the particular challenges in re-opening these sectors safely and successfully.


Group F

Noise and Community Relations

The Noise and Community Relations Group will analyse strategies that can restore sustainable vibrancy to nightlife soundscapes
as a welcome sound of recovery.


Group G


Planning, Place Shaping & Agent of Change

The Planning Group will analyse strategies that integrate licensing and planning challenges and support safe and successful restoration and re-shaping of hospitality spaces.



Group H

Tourism & Visitor Attractions


Group I

Research, Monitoring Other Exit Strategies & International Comparisons


Group J